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Lepini Mountains

The sector pre-Apennine Tyrrhenian of Lepini mountains, Despite having common characters with proximal areas to the chain, it is that over the last two centuries has expressed the most radical changes.

The descriptions of Goethe, Although extremely punctual, geologically faulted and “intriguing”, they would not have had a particular interest if they were not the testimony of a natural environment that now hardly exists and that, for that alone, it takes on a connotation of uniqueness of which do memory and to be valued. Beyond that, the Goethe has left an interesting sketch in pencil, pen and ink, blurred on white paper, which, on one hand highlights the importance of the historic core of the town, the other opens his eyes, in the distance, on the circle nearest the Lepini, which opens from signs a Cori passing through Rocca Massima and that, at the time, served as the “dry” bulwark than the marshes, they were going to close north on joining between Cisterna di Latina e Anzio.

They are the contrasts dominate and thus to make attractive this particular environment: steep slopes and valleys, light and shadow, rugged landscape and dry on top and abundance of water at the foot of the mountains nearby and distances that seem to introduce a mysterious appearance and still very little or vaguely known at the time, linked to the karst water circulation within the carbonate massifs.

A final consideration concerns the wealth of the area in terms of water resources: the presence of the marshes testified a groundwater level that reached the surface level and that, at present, is present just below, continuing to ensure the huge reserves, but not why immune from the risks: first of all the pollution and possible contamination of the so-called “blue gold”, which will be increasingly valuable to the survival of life on earth.

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