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The society Maxima Srl It is pleased to present “Flying In The Sky “ ZipLine longest and fastest in the world inaugurated in September 2014 that lets you try the experience of flying safely.

This structure consists of a steel cable supported by two pylons 2.225 meters long suspended by a maximum height of 310 meters above the ground whose height difference is 350 meters.

Unlike other systems, such as hang gliding, paragliding etc., the ZipLine is within everyone’s reach because it requires no special skills or preparation.

It starts from Rocca Massima, A small medieval village in the province of Latina at an altitude 730 meters above sea level where it is harnessed and suspended from a trolley that runs free on ZipLine enjoying the intoxication of flying and admiring a unique panorama that sweeps from the coasts of Lazio at the Alban hills to the mountains of Abruzzo.

The route will pass through vast olive groves and karst areas gliding up the slopes of Monte S. AngeloCradle of Falco Pellegrino, A bird of prey that lives and breeds in this area to which air is inspired by the Flying In The Sky which offers the unique feeling of being a hawk that dives steeply.

It comes after a long flight over 2 km to a average speed that exceeds 110 km / h with a peak that is close to 160 km / h in locality The Feora to share 380 meters above sea level, surrounded by a pleasant garden of olive trees where the rest bar Mario It expects the shuttle that will riaccompagna the point of beginning.

L ‘experience is one that you never forget in life. The Flying In The Sky gives us a pleasant feeling release being suspended hundreds of meters high, darting at full speed failing to exceed 150 km / h.

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