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Summer Grill

specialty Unique and features

  • Cooked ham to wine

    Unique product in the world that comes from an ancient recipe
  • Coratella Abbacchio

    A delicacy of Italian cuisine and the Lazio
  • Pork Knuckle baked

    A secret that only gives the pleasure of tasting it
  • Pillow Cotto

    A unique idea to revisit the traditional cuisine


It is not the first time ...

Along with a group of friends we went back for the umpteenth time by Ottavio. Great handling and simple, welcoming environment. The lunch, meat, was delicious and plentiful, the top-quality red wine. In these cases, the question you ask is: how will the digestion after that eaten?
Sometimes it happens to be slow because of the low quality of the ingredients.
It was not the case here: the quantity and quality went hand in hand.
If you happen to Cori you should go to the Zampi restaurant. Value for money: very high.

Stephen V.

Experience to be repeated

Recommended by local friends, we went to lunch in this simple family restaurant, which does not pursue any pretense of sophistication, but offers a genuine cuisine, inspired by the tradition of Lazio and live up to expectations.
Among the first, consigliabilissimi Strozzapreti matriciana, and pasta with porcini mushrooms.
Lamb shank and stand out among the latter. Even the Roman artichokes, taken as a side dish were excellent. Low prices and fast and courteous service make more pleasant ila stop at this place.
Overall a very positive experience, to be recommended is to be repeated

Pauline D.

A great surprise

I did not expect to find a lot of quality, good reception, flavors and accuracy in the presentation of dishes in a restaurant that from the outside appears a simple trattoria.
We were greeted by the owner's son that makes customers at ease and courteous manner, the dishes are presented very well with seals on the plates, and the flavors are really good.
Try the fettuccine with porcini mushrooms and pork shank with potatoes, but not far behind the others tested dishes, well-laid tables. Highly recommended.

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Lunch Corese for Jerard Depardieu

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Ham to Cori Wine

Ham to Cori Wine

It 'a unique product in the world and comes from an ancient ...

Lamb's offal

Lamb's offal

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Knuckle of pork

Knuckle of pork

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